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Chewable Candy ZOO Vitamin C

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Chewable Candy ZOO Vitamin C



  • Two tablets provide 400mg of Vitamin C.

  • Lemon flavor.


  • Package Quantity: 150 tablets
  • Barcode: 4903361680453

Other ingredients

Glucose, Maltose, Maltodextrin, Camu-camu Juice Powder, Vitamin C, Silicon Dioxide, Calcium Stearate, Artificial Flavor, Aspartame, Citric Acid Anhydrous, Riboflavin

Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays several important roles in the body and helps the body stay healthy and strong. Vitamin C is used in the body in the following ways: It is used for bone maintenance, as well as maintenance of blood vessels. Vitamin C helps in formation of collagen and aids iron absorption. This energizes the body and prevents iron deficiencies. Vitamin C is also a natural antioxidant. Apart from fruits and vegetables, you can also take this vitamin in the form of supplements and chewable tablets.

Suggested Use


Take 2 tablets a day.



If you are pregnant, breast-feeding, taking medication, or have a medical condition, please consult with your physician before taking any supplements. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Not recommended for children under the age of four. Adult supervision is always necessary when children are using the products. Close container tightly after each use and keep out of the reach of children. Consume all contents within one year after breaking the package seal or discard. Use only as part of a healthy and balanced diet.


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